Termite Warranty Bond

Termite Warranty Bond

At Bug Commander Pest Control Frisco TX, we offer a solution to your future termite problems. You often hear, “There are two types of homes in North Texas. Homes with termite issues and homes that will have termite issues.” Bug Commander Pest Control offers a termite warranty that allows you to rest easy should an infestation arise. Our termite warranty bond keeps your home or place of business protected from the large fees associated with a termite treatment.

Our termite warranty bond includes a thorough inspection of the home or business structure to ensure there is not an existing infestation. Also, during the inspection, the certified technician will take notes to advise the customer of areas that are high potential for future termite activity and ways to eliminate the issues.

The Termite Warranty Bond is a 1 year agreement. It includes Subterranean, Formosan and Dampwood termites. Annual costs are based on size of structure and potential for termite activity. Annual renewals are optional, keeping your home protected year after year.

For more details about our Termite Warranty Bond please call or email Bug Commander Pest Control Frisco TX today!

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