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5 Tips to Help Choose a Professional Pest Control Company

Maintaining a healthy, clean, and safe home is possible with the help of professional pest control. Searching online and asking neighbors for recommendations is possible, but learning the signs that the company is effective, efficient, affordable, and reliable will also be necessary. Here are a few tips to help you find an excellent pest control team for your home and family’s needs. Qualified First and foremost, the technicians should be licensed and qualified. While they do not have to be actual scientists, the technicians should have knowledge and skills to diagnose, prevent, and treat issues involving local pests. Make sure Read more
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4 Instances That It’s Time for a Professional Pest Control Service

Why would you need a professional pest control service in Frisco, TX as long as you have a good can of bug spray? Unfortunately, there are a lot of pests that can do some serious damage that you’re not even aware of. They aren’t visible so your can of spray, therefore, becomes useless. Here are 4 cases that it’s time to call in the professionals: Termites compromise wood integrity Carpenter ants and bees make your home their all-night buffet Stinging insects stings cause serious bodily pain Bed bugs can quickly infest your entire home Take pests off of your list Read more
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Pest Control Frisco TX: Know When To Call In A Pest Expert

The hot summer months are coming and with them comes an invasion of spiders and insects.  Many just aggravate us, some bite or sting us and a few destroy our houses.  So, we arm ourselves with the latest pesticide sprays, bug bombs and bait traps and go to war. Sometimes we win but a lot of the time, we lose. Why? Because for most pests, the ones we see are just the tip of the iceberg.  Bugs know how to hide and they know to come out at night to wreak their havoc when we’re asleep.  So when should you Read more