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Preventive Pest Control Tips to Protect Your Healthcare Facility

All commercial businesses should implement some preventive pest control measures to protect themselves from a frustrating infestation. Some industries, however, can be more affected by bug invasions than others. One of the places where pest control must be heavily regulated is at a healthcare facility. The vulnerable nature of the patients and procedures completed in a hospital or clinic makes pest control essential. To prevent infestation, one should identify the areas of weakness or possible entry points for bugs or rodents. Below is a list of the most common ways pests can infiltrate health care facilities, as well as tips for Read more
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Preventive Pest Control Experts Give Tips for Maintaining Your Office

If you rent or own your office space, you know how many factors go into maintaining it. Along with all of the responsibilities of running the business itself, you must also remember to take care of the space where you work. One of the most important aspects of running a successful office is maintaining a clean and sanitary workspace. Preventive pest control is essential for avoiding infestations that may disrupt business or even force you to close temporarily while the pests are eradicated. Bug Commander in Frisco, TX, wants to share tips and advice with you regarding how often you Read more
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Pest Problems? Use These Preventative Pest Control Tips in Frisco TX

Preventative pest control isn’t optional in Frisco, TX, especially now that warm weather–and moist spring air–is on the way. Many small business owners react to pests after they come around, but you can set yourself apart from other establishments by deterring pests before they even set foot on your showroom or restaurant floor. If you operate a store or office building, your customers and staff will appreciate your efforts; if you own a restaurant, failing to implement proper preventative pest control in Frisco can get your restaurant shut down. Here are some rodent and insect prevention tips that are easy Read more
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Damages to Your Home When You Don’t Prevent Termites

Having a home infested with termites is not something anyone intentionally wants, but not taking precautions to prevent termites in Frisco, TX, can lead to that and cause costly damage to your home. Consider the cost of taking proper precautions to prevent termites as just a fraction of what it would cost to repair the damage they can cause. Here are some of the ways termites can ruin your home: Fecal pellets cause odor Discoloration and blistering on walls Structural damage Evidence of termites make selling a home difficult Avoid the costly repairs of termite damage by taking these steps Read more
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7 Tips To Help You Prevent Termites In Your Frisco TX, Home

Termites don’t take vacations, which is why you must take steps to prevent termites from making your home their home this fall and winter.  Unlike humans–and even many other insects–termites don’t call in sick, hibernate or take the holidays off.  They work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and their job is eating your house.  So that means you can’t slack off at the end of the year either; you’re going to have to take some steps to keep termites out of your home.  Here are seven tips that may help: Find and fix Read more
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Termite Pest Control Frisco TX: 5 Important Termite Facts

Contacting Bug Commander for termite pest control Frisco TX is the smartest thing you can do for your North Texas home.  Termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage every year and only a professional pest control company has the right chemicals and training to give your house the protection it needs from these tiny, hungry marauders.  Even though you’ll get the highest-quality termite treatment from us, you are always the first line of defense when it comes to termites.  Here are some important things you need to know about your biggest pest threat: 1 – Termite Pest Control Read more
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Trim Your Trees to Help with Termite Pest Control Frisco TX

To prevent the need for termite pest control Frisco TX, the first thing you should do is check the length of the branches on your shade trees to see if they need to be trimmed. Because termites live to eat as much wood as possible, keeping the trees trimmed back away from your home and other structures helps to ensure that termites cannot use your tree as a direct highway into your home. Once they get into the attic, you could have severe problems. There are many ways that you can prevent termites from entering your home, and Bug Commander is Read more
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Termite Pest Control in Frisco, TX: Interesting Facts About Termites

There is a good chance you never thought about termites until you needed termite pest control in Frisco, TX. Called the “silent destroyers,” termites can tear through homes in a short amount of time by chewing through wood and other materials that are used to construct them. One of the biggest problems with the tiny insects is that they can infest a home so stealthily that homeowners often don’t know they have them until extensive damage has already been done. Believe it or not, termites possess a variety of characteristics that not only make them quite interesting, but they also Read more
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Termite Pest in Control Frisco, TX: Your Home is A Meal For Termites

Termite pest control in Frisco, TX is essential to keeping your home healthy. We all like a good meal, but for termites that means digging into your home and feasting upon it until there is no more. That’s why you need to call on Bug Commander Pest Control to destroy the termite colonies as fast as possible. The termites have a ferocious appetite that devours your home’s internal structure quickly. Call us today at 214-919-0021 to schedule your appointment. We’ll not only take care of the pests already there, but we’ll work to prevent further infestations. We are the termite Read more
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Termite Pest Control In Frisco, TX: 3 Termite Facts You Should Know

Experts in termite pest control in Frisco, TX know that there are many different kinds of pests that make their way into our homes – cockroaches, spiders, ants and more.  Though some of these can be scary, there are no pests that should scare you more than the lowly termite.  You normally can’t see termites as they go about their destructive business and the damage they do usually isn’t obvious for months and sometimes years, but termites cause billions of dollars in damage to U.S. homes and structures every year.  Here are some important things you need to know about Read more