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Three Guaranteed Ways to Prevent Termites in Frisco, Texas

 Termites can sometimes seem like a life sentence. There are ways, though, to keep them out for good. Professionals know three ways to prevent termites in Frisco, Texas: Wood treatments. Spraying the surface, injecting, foaming, and treating wood can keep pests away. Wood treatments are effective for new and used homes. Soil treatments. A trench and a termiticide around your house is another option. This treatment is especially helpful for future infestations. Bait treatments. A professional bait system will trap current termites and therefore future invasions. With the right placement, this process will eliminate all problems. If you have been Read more
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Use This Natural Method to Prevent Termites in Frisco, TX Today

Keeping termites from your family is at the top of your priority list. Many methods exist to do this, including natural alternatives to chemical barriers. It is even possible to allow nature to do most of the fighting for you. Beneficial nematodes are natural predators of termites, and you can use them to keep termites at bay and away from your family’s home. You’ll need to apply the nematodes with a sprayer around your home. Spray them around other buildings as well. Make sure you spray the nematodes on the outside of your home, so the termites don’t even get close. Get more information and ensure you never have to worry by Read more
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Damages to Your Home When You Don’t Prevent Termites

Having a home infested with termites is not something anyone intentionally wants, but not taking precautions to prevent termites in Frisco, TX, can lead to that and cause costly damage to your home. Consider the cost of taking proper precautions to prevent termites as just a fraction of what it would cost to repair the damage they can cause. Here are some of the ways termites can ruin your home: Fecal pellets cause odor Discoloration and blistering on walls Structural damage Evidence of termites make selling a home difficult Avoid the costly repairs of termite damage by taking these steps Read more
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A Method to Remove Termites in Frisco, TX In Your new Home

Moving into a new home means that you’ll need to prevent and maybe remove termites. You’ll see a lot of various methods to do this, and they are all good tips. One way you can prevent termites is to keep your gutters clear and clean. When leaves and other debris build up in your gutters, a safe space for termites and other pests is created. Check your gutters every few months so that rain water can flow away from your home, and take any pests that might want to accumulate with it. As you’re purchasing your new home, keep this tip in mind on how to prevent and remove termites in Read more
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Something Simple to Do to Prevent Termites in Frisco, TX

If you live in an area that’s prone to termites, there are some things you can do. The best thing to do is to inspect your foundation annually. Even the smallest crack can provide an entry for termites. Fill these holes and cracks with caulk or materials from you pest control expert. Make sure that the soil is at least 6 inches away from any stucco or wood siding. If not, dig the area until there you have at least 6 inches of space. To get more information and to prevent termites in Frisco, TX call Bug Commander today, so that you can say goodbye to the Read more
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7 Tips To Help You Prevent Termites In Your Frisco TX, Home

Termites don’t take vacations, which is why you must take steps to prevent termites from making your home their home this fall and winter.  Unlike humans–and even many other insects–termites don’t call in sick, hibernate or take the holidays off.  They work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and their job is eating your house.  So that means you can’t slack off at the end of the year either; you’re going to have to take some steps to keep termites out of your home.  Here are seven tips that may help: Find and fix Read more
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Simple, Non-Chemical, Non-Toxic Solutions to Prevent Termites

Furnishing the interior, mowing the lawn, and cleaning out your gutters are important tasks to maintain your home, but you should also be placing time and energy into learning how to prevent termites. Considering these small insects can wreak havoc on your life, protecting your home from termites is essential. Unfortunately, using certain products to prevent pests can affect the environment and your health. Here are a few simple, non-chemical, non-toxic solutions to protect your home from termites. Remove Moisture Termites and other pests are attracted to moisture. If water or dew builds up on or around your home, it Read more
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Your Soil, Foundation and Termite Pest Control in Frisco, TX

One of the most complex issues of owning a home is pest control. While you might think that you’re doing all that you can, you might also wonder if there is something more you can do to help the experts keep termites away from you home. Even though these critters love and survive on wood, they can travel in or near water. Also, water can erode the foundation that keeps your home upright and safe from an infestation. Make sure the soil near the foundation of your home is graded (slightly sloped) so that rain flows away from your home and Read more
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3 Surprising Ways to Prevent Termites In and Around Your Home

As a homeowner, you probably understand the importance of pest control, but you may not know how to prevent termites. Considering termites cause billions of dollars in structural damage, proper understanding of these dangerous pests is imperative. If you are a homeowner, consider using this guide to stop termite damage in and around your home. Roof and Attic Most people believe termites and other pests infest homes through the ground around the structure. Unfortunately, these dangerous pests can enter through your roof and attic, so you should complete periodic inspections on these areas. To get started, check your roof for Read more
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Remove Termites Frisco TX: 5 Termite Answers You Need

Do you want to remove termites Frisco TX?  Do you know if you actually have termites?  Do you know who to call for help?  If you’re a homeowner, you probably have a lot of questions about termites and termite control.  Here are the answers to some common questions that can help you to learn more about termites and what you should do about them: 1 – Termite Treatment Frisco TX:  Should I Panic If I Think I Have Termites In My Home? If you suspect you have termites, there’s no reason to panic because, though termites are very destructive, they Read more