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Identifying the Wasp or Bee in Your ‘Hood for Pest Control

Summer is a time for fun in the sun! But with it comes a few downsides, like stinging insects. Ouch! Here are three common stinging insects in North Texas, and how to identify them. Carpenter Bees are large, black and yellow with shiny bodies and up to 1 inch in size. They nest in wood structures. Males can aggressively hover, but stings are rare. Mud Daubers are long and slender, black and often metallic. They are not aggressive, but take care to remove a nest if you find one near your home. Yellow jackets are yellow and black and up to 5/8 inch in length. They are not aggressive Read more
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Rodent Removal Service and Extermination of Other Pests

Most homeowners believe exterminators are only suited to treat insect infestations, but that is not true. Professionals can help with wildlife, microscopic pests, and even provide rodent removal service. From solutions to prevent these unwanted guests from your home to actual extermination, the pest control professionals are ready to help with all of your issues. Here are a few surprising pests your extermination service can address. Lice While common because children are in close quarters at school, lice should never be considered normal. If your child has contracted lice, using specialized shampoos to rid their hair of these small bugs Read more
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Between-Visit Bee Pest Control in Frisco, TX, Idea to Try Yourself

There is no better way to remove bees from your property than by calling professionals. There is one way you can attempt to remove them naturally between pest control service visits. Cut up some pears and/or mangos and place the pieces in a plastic bag.  Set the bag a few feet away from the nest. Carefully move it a few feet further away from the nest each day. The bees will eventually gravitate toward the bag as they are attracted to the fruit, thus making your home a little less attractive. For more information on how you can keep your home bee-free call Bug Commander for the best bee pest Read more
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Getting Rid of Carpenter Bees with Natural Bee Pest Control Methods

If you notice even one carpenter bee on your property, there are probably more nearby and you need bee pest control in Frisco, TX quickly before they cause damage to your home. If you leave the problem untreated, the integrity of the wood of your home can quickly be compromised by carpenter bees. Here are some things you can do yourself to eliminate the problem: Paint your home with polyurethane paint Almond oil Boric acid powder traps Diatomaceous earth Or you can trust a professional to eliminate the problem quickly and effectively by calling the pest control specialists at Bug Read more
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Bee Pest Control In Frisco TX: Get Professional Help For Your Bee Problem

No insect has gotten more bad press in the last few of decades than bees. Why?  Because of one kind of bee – the Africanized honey bee or ‘killer bee’ as it’s been referred to in the press. These killer bees have prompted a flood of calls for bee pest control in Frisco TX and across the lower half of the United States.  For the most part, killer bee sightings and swarms are rarer than those of other kinds of less aggressive bees.  But in the state of Texas, we’ve been getting more than our fair share of them and Read more