Termite Control

Termites and other wood-destroying insects can have disastrous effects on your property.  Whether you are a homeowner, property management company or large corporation, any structure is vulnerable to attack by termites.  If left unchecked, a colony of termites can literally eat you out of house and home.
Whether you have an active infestation, or if you just want peace of mind that your home is protected, our termite specialists will handle all wood destroying insect problems.  Bug Commander Pest Control offers a variety of termite treatment and prevention services to fit your needs and budget.  Our inspectors are state-licensed, highly-trained, and fully-equipped to locate termites in all types of structures.  We offer two primary treatment options for termites, both of which have been proven highly effective by years of independent testing.
Our Termite Treatment Programs Include:
Option 1:  Termidor HE is a state-of-the-art, non-repellent termiticide that achieves complete termite colony elimination.
Option 2:  The Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System is a baiting system that is revolutionary in that it can achieve complete elimination of a termite colony without drilling or the need for liquid termiticides.
Our Termite Inspection Services:
Thoroughly inspecting your property is the first line of defense against a possible infestation.  The purpose of the inspection is to determine if, where, and how termites are getting in.
In order to find food and moisture, termites will squeeze through cracks as narrow as the thickness of a sheet of paper.  Expansion joints, foundation cracks, gaps around plumbing and electrical entries are all potential entry points.  A professional termite inspection requires experience and proper training, both of which you can depend on from Bug Commander Pest Control.
Upon consultation and inspection, our specialist will help determine a program that is best suited for your needs.  We are happy to explain each termite control method and help you decide which is right for you.
Pre-Construction Termite Treatment:
Bug Commander Pest Control is happy to service the needs of the building industry.  We understand that a contractor’s schedule is continually changing therefore our termite treatment staff is available to you when it is most convenient for you.  As a client of Bug Commander Pest Control we encourage you to take advantage of the many termite protection services available to new home buyers.  Please contact our office for further details regarding our pre-construction termite treatment services, as part of our pest control Frisco TX.
If you have any questions or we can assist you in anyway, please contact Bug Commander Pest Control at (214)-705-1222.  For your convenience, you may also request services from this site.

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