Spider Control

Spider Identification:
There are basically 2 different types of spiders in North Texas. Some spiders are called “web building spiders” because they spin webs and live near their webs in case they catch their prey. The other type is known as the “hunting spider.” The hunting spider will travel for their hunting ground.
Black Widow
The Black Widow spider, like a few others, demands respect. Known for their large jet black, shiny body, with the shape of a red hourglass on its belly, the black widow is extremely poisonous with a bite considered medically significant. This species spins an extensive, tangled, three-dimensional “cobweb” with elastic like silk that can be plucked like a guitar string without breaking. These spiders live in dark corners of low traffic areas like barns, warehouses, and attics to name a few. At night they commonly hang upside down in their webs exposing their bright red hourglass signature marking.
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Funnel Spiders
Some of these web builders like the funnel spider live in holes in the ground with a thick non-sticky funnel shaped web protruding from the ground, usually in thick foliage.
Common House Spider
Other web building spiders make your more common webs and live in small cracks nearby. You also may have seen a web builder in the corners of a low traffic area like a closet, down near the baseboards, sitting in their webs waiting for a tasty treat to come along.
Hunting Spiders
The “hunting spider” does not build webs like its relatives. Hunting spiders travel for their food or ambush its prey when it walks by the mouth of its hiding spot. It’s these kind of spiders most commonly seen running the baseboards of your home.
Wolf Spider
In North Texas the most common hunting spider seen in homes is the “Wolf Spider.” Often mistaken for the infamous “Brown Recluse”, the wolf spider has what look like light tan / yellow & dark brown / black racing stripes on their backs. Wolf spiders have a non-poisonous but quite painful bite, leaving what looks like 2 small holes in the middle of a red bump.
Brown Recluse
The brown recluse is known for its “fiddle” design on the back of its head, the rest of its body is light brown. Brown recluses have very painful bites with highly poisonous venom that turns live tissue into dead liquid. Many brown recluse bite victims end up in the emergency room with scars to show for their encounter. These poisonous bites have a higher risk of being fatal to children and the elderly. This species of spider lives in small dark places like cracks in structures and the lip of a storage bin to give just a couple examples.
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Bug Commander Pest Control offers not only professional pest control Frisco TX services, but we take pride in offering the finest quality spider control services in the North Dallas, Collin & Denton County areas. We provide tested and proven solutions for your spider control needs. To effectively control spiders, you must begin by finding their food source and eliminate it. For example, web building spiders like to build their webs around outside lights. Not because they are attracted to light like a lot of insect are, but because they know the food will be there and the chance of a feast is much higher. At Bug Commander Pest Control, we locate the harbor areas and treat them appropriately to eliminate the spider’s food source and the spiders themselves. Even knocking down spider webs on a regular basis is an effective way to deter spiders from sticking around.
The chemicals used for all of our pest control services at your home or business is completely safe for your family, children, pets and employees. Bug Commander Pest Control will give you peace of mind and allow you to rest easy knowing your home and workplace is pest-free.
Don’t wait until you start seeing spiders in your house. Contact Bug Commander Pest Control today at (214)-705-1222, and let us handle your pests before they become your problems. For your convenience, you may also request services from this site.

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