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Pest Control Solutions for Businesses:

As a full-service pest management company, Bug Commander Pest Control provides environmentally-friendly solutions to commercial properties throughout North Dallas, Collin County and Denton County. We take pride in helping business owners and managers achieve pest free facilities.

Located in Frisco, Texas, our experts at Bug Commander Pest Control will develop a customized pest control program for your needs. Including food manufacturing facilities, restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities, schools, property management companies, distribution and warehousing, manufacturing and other type of commercial property, we have a pest management program for your budget and all your pest control needs.

Apartment / Condo Pest Control

Pests, including ants, roaches and bed bugs can pose serious health problems to your tenants and cause damage to your structures. Everyone at Bug Commander Pest Control is trained to correctly identify the invading species and develop a program that effectively manages the problem. At Bug Commander Pest Control our service specialists understand the pests’ biology and environment and know how to control them. Our courteous technicians will make routine visits, logging any pest occurrences and control measures. You will have peace of mind knowing your business is protected from pests. We will also promise to exceed your expectations with each visit.

Our pest control experts at Bug Commander Pest Control are committed to our proactive approach to pest management. We begin with a thorough inspection of the property to assess the risk and prevent a pest problem from occurring.

We will schedule routine visits to your community, looking for signs of pest activity, while also resolving active concerns and identifying potential risks. Our care team will advise your management on steps you can take to reduce the risk of pest problems. Including:

  • Storing Food in Plastic Containers
  • Keeping Garbage in Closed Trash Cans or Using Trash Compactors
  • Keeping Plants Trimmed Away From Balconies, Roofs, Etc.
  • Proper Drain Maintenance

In addition, by using our integrated pest management principles, Bug Commander Pest Control works diligently with apartment building/condo managers and residents to help them make their homes pest free. In the event that we do locate a problem we will ensure a rapid response so that we alleviate the problem to prevent future recurrence.

As a superior pest control Frisco TX company, we are experts in navigating the many obstacles that come with managing pests in multi-family environments. Our staff works closely with management to ensure tenants are notified of all inspections, treatments and procedures in a timely fashion. For additional information about how Bug Commander Pest Control can help with your apartment building pest control needs, please contact us at (214)-705-1222. For your convenience, you may also request services from this site.

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Hospital Pest Control

Bug infestations such as ants, cockroaches, flies, bed bugs and rodents, are pests that have absolutely no place in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes and doctors offices.

An Integrated Pest Management Program for hospitals, nursing homes, extended-care facilities, medical offices and dental offices is essential because unlike other facilities pests of any kind pose a serious threat to the environment, not to mention the opportunity for cross-contamination is acute. In addition to the diseases that these pests carry and damage to your facility, pest sightings of any kind can tarnish your reputation, demoralize your staff, and erode confidence in your facility’s sanitation and safety.

As your pest management professionals, Bug Commander Pest Control will provide you with reassurance that our pest control experts are particularly sensitive to the special needs of working in a healthcare environment.   Our comprehensive pest control program will protect the environment, reputation, and the health and safety of your patients or residents, visitors and employees. We will also help you maintain the documentation needed for government regulations, accreditation standards, and insurance company requirements as they relate to pest control.

At Bug Commander Pest Control, it is our foremost goal to provide you with the finest pest control possible, in the most effective manner, with minimal disruption of your facility’s operations, so that your staff can focus on what is important; the care of your patient.

To learn further about our pest management services as they relate to the healthcare industry, please contact Bug Commander Pest Control at (214)-705-1222. For your convenience, you may also request services from this site.

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Hotel / Motel Pest Control

At Bug Commander Pest Control, we understand that your guests will not return if their rooms have pests, such as ants, mice, or bed bugs. We also know how important it is for you to get that room back in service as soon as possible. In knowing this, Bug Commander Pest Control is happy to provide a variety of exclusion and prevention programs designed for the hospitality industry.

At Bug Commander Pest Control, we understand how crucial pest management is to your business. We will provide your establishment with the knowledge to maintain preventative control of pests, including bed bugs by using the most innovative materials that comply with current federal, state and local regulations. For professional pest control from a company that understands the hospitality business, please contact Bug Commander Pest Control at (214)-705-1222. For your convenience, you may also request services from this site.

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Restaurant Pest Control

At Bug Commander Pest Control we specialize in providing your customers with a pleasant, pest-free dining experience.

If you own a restaurant, bar, or other food service establishment we understand that your pest management needs are critical to the success and reputation of your business. Roaches, ants, rats, mice and flies can create a problem with your food quality and preparation as well as a health inspector audit. We have your pest removal solution perfectly suited to your needs.

Bug Commander Pest Control offers a proactive treatment plan that includes eliminating pest refuge areas, their entry points to your facility, and other conditions that contribute to infestations. Our pest management program focuses on a seven-step process that includes the following:

Our Seven-Step Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program Includes:

  • Inspection
  • Insect & Pest Monitoring
  • Pest Identification
  • Pest Treatment & Control
  • Sanitation Suggestions
  • Structural Recommendations
  • Education

Nothing can destroy a restaurant’s business like sightings of roaches, flies, mice, or other pests. Maintaining a pest-free environment at restaurants, cafeterias, diners, and other food service facilities can be very challenging.

At Bug Commander Pest Control, our specialists are highly-trained service technicians who are state-licensed and receive a continual education program so that we always exceed requirements as suggested by the National Pest Management Association.

Bug Commander Pest Control provides pest management services to a variety of food service businesses that include fast food restaurants and cafeterias, full-service and fine dining establishments. For professional pest control management services for your restaurant, please contact Bug Commander Pest Control at (214)-705-1222. For your convenience, you may also request services from this site. <

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Food-Related Businesses:

If your business is food-related such as a grocery store, supermarket, delicatessen, or a natural foods store, then challenges related to pest control include beetles, weevils, and moths in addition to cockroaches, ants, and mice. That is why we employee a team of trained technicians who specialize in the food-related retail stores. We can also custom design programs for organic food or produce businesses. These programs depend on non-chemical pest control methods such as trapping, monitoring, air curtains, and exclusion. When necessary, naturally-derived pest control products can also be used for treatments.

Retail Pest Control

The retail market has the same type of pest control issues as with other businesses. However, in retail situations such as doors constantly opening and closing, people constantly coming and going, tight storage, and frequent deliveries of products from warehouses that may or may not have effective pest control, a retail owner may face a slightly different obstacle. Because the retail market is so vast we have broken out our retail pest control services so that you can truly have an understanding of the significance of a PMP (pest management program) within the retail market.

Clothing and Textile Businesses:

The clothing and textile industry are another part of the retail industry which face their own set of obstacles when pest control is concerned. Including a variety of species of beetles, weevils, and moths also feed on textiles and fabrics. These pests can very rapidly cause thousands of dollars in damage to clothing, carpeting, drapery and other or fabric-related businesses.

Bed bugs are another threat in the clothing industry because they are typically introduced in the fitting rooms, in resale stores or when clothing is returned. If you sell clothing, you need high-quality pest management program that includes monitoring for bed bugs.

If you are in the retail business of any kind and are in need of pest management services, Bug Commander Pest Control is here for you. Feel free to contact us (214)-705-1222 to setup an inspection. For your convenience, you may also request services from this site.

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School & Childcare Facility Pest Control

At Bug Commander Pest Control, the well-being of your children is our foremost priority. You can have peace of mind that your children are protected as well as free from distraction from pests so that they can concentrate on their studies without unnecessary distraction from unwanted pests.

Our Educational Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system has been precisely designed to meet and exceed the standards of the State of Texas and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. We provide educational pest control services to both private and public schools and child-care facilities including Pre-K and nursery schools, elementary and middle schools, junior and senior high schools, colleges, and universities.

So, what exactly is a School Integrated Pest Management System?

A School Integrated Pest Management System is a uniquely designed system of pest control that depends on monitoring, record keeping, and non-chemical pest control measures such as trapping, sealing, and exclusion. Pesticides are used only when absolutely necessary, and are selected for their low toxicity.

In theory, through diligent monitoring and record keeping, Bug Commander Pest Control service specialists can usually avoid using pesticides completely. A flashlight and experience allow us to maintain a high level of pest management while avoiding unnecessary use of pesticides.

In short, a school IPM is a cooperative among administrators, teachers, maintenance staff, and other school staff members and our experts at Bug Commander Pest Control to use observation, record keeping, and non-chemical control measures to maintain a pest-free environment that protects the health of students and staff, while avoiding pesticides whenever possible. Below you will find a summary of our IPM process:

  • A Thorough Inspection of the Entire School Looking for Conditions for Possible Pest Infestation
  • Comprehensive Suggestions to Help Ensure a “Pest-Free Environment”
  • Providing a Pest Observation Log so That All Pest Sightings Can Be Easily Recorded
  • We Will Assure You That Your School Is In Full Compliance with All Regulatory Requirements Related to Pest Control
  • We Will Make Meticulous, Routine Pest Inspections, Monitor Traps and Non-Chemical Pest Control Methods
  • When Necessary, We Will Apply Low-Toxicity Pest Control Products to Correct Pest Problems

If you would like more information about our educational pest control services, including a free on-site consultation, please contact Bug Commander Pest Control at (214)-705-1222. We look forward to working with your school to provide a pest-free environment. For your convenience, you may also request services from this site. (link to website appt. scheduler page, here)


Warehouse & Distribution Pest Control

Because the products that are stored in warehouses and distribution centers travel from various sources, pest management is extremely challenging. In addition, food warehouses and distribution centers require regulatory documentation that demands heavy paperwork load for quality control departments.

Bug Commander Pest Control provides comprehensive pest management programs that are designed to suit each facility. We provide both preventive and corrective pest management applications that include expert assistance to your facility so that you remain in compliance with all relevant regulatory and documentation requirements.

If insects and rodents are destroying stock in your warehouse and disrupting your business, Bug Commander Pest Control can help. We realize that a pest free environment is critical to your operation and that is why we offer pest control services that are designed specifically for warehousing and distribution centers throughout North Dallas. We are specially trained to design an Integrated Pest Management program that will prevent infestation of rodents, insects, birds and other pests. Our pest control programs include routine sanitation, inspections, quality audits and effective treatment solutions. This attention to detail ensures the facility remains compliant with all third-party inspections and audits.

We will report any findings on each visit and provide effective solutions that are environmentally-friendly and cost effective. By trusting Bug Commander Pest Control with your pest management needs you will have the peace of mind that your facility and products are protected from pests, and you can concentrate on what is important; your facility, staff and clientele. To learn further about our pest management services for warehouses and distribution centers, please contact Bug Commander Pest Control at (214)-705-1222. For your convenience, you may also request services from this site.

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