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Before Signing The Lease: 3 Signs Your Rental Needs Pest Control

You probably already understand the importance of inspecting a property for signs of danger, but you may not realize how to examine a rental for signs it could need pest control services. Termites, roaches, bed bugs, mice, and even rats can wreak havoc on your property. If you are already in a lease agreement, these pests may become long-term roommates. If you notice the following signs, your rental could have a pest problem. Fecal Droppings Fecal droppings are a sure sign your rental has a pest problem. Unfortunately, you may not know where to look when inspecting the rental before Read more
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Know How to Identify Household Spiders to Help With Pest Management

Being able to identify harmless spiders versus dangerous ones can help ease your mind and aid in pest management in Frisco, TX. By knowing where certain spiders generally hang out in a home, where they’re found within the country and what their physical characteristics are can help properly identify what eight-legged creature you’re dealing with and what level of alert you need to be on. Here are 5 spiders commonly found in Texas: Black Widow – Deadly Brown Recluse – Deadly Daddy Longlegs – Harmless Jumping Spider – Harmless Yellow Sac Spider – Serious, Non-Fatal At Bug Commander, we provide Read more
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Pest Problems? Use These Preventative Pest Control Tips in Frisco TX

Preventative pest control isn’t optional in Frisco, TX, especially now that warm weather–and moist spring air–is on the way. Many small business owners react to pests after they come around, but you can set yourself apart from other establishments by deterring pests before they even set foot on your showroom or restaurant floor. If you operate a store or office building, your customers and staff will appreciate your efforts; if you own a restaurant, failing to implement proper preventative pest control in Frisco can get your restaurant shut down. Here are some rodent and insect prevention tips that are easy Read more
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3 Truths Behind These Common Termite Treatment Myths

As a homeowner, you may not place much emphasis on pest prevention or termite treatment. Unfortunately, without focusing on pest control, you and your home may suffer physically, emotionally, and financially.  Of course, you may not know where to begin. With the help of professionals, you can understand a few important truths behind termites and how they can wreak havoc on your life. Your Brick House Is Not Mighty, Mighty Termites are attracted to moisture and wood. A stack of firewood that has been sitting outside for a few days or a damp crawlspace are both hot spots for these dangerous Read more
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The Best Organic Ways to Remove Termites from Your Furniture

Is your plan to remove termites from your furniture? Are you tired of those beastly little termites that are damaging many precious belongings in your home? Not sure how to go about getting rid of them? Well here are some tips for annihilating them on your own. Cardboard Trap Treatment You can build a cardboard bait trap to attract the termites in the furniture. Get three or four pieces of cardboard and spray them with water. Pile the cardboard pieces together and place it near the furniture. The termites will be attracted to the damp cellulose in the cardboard. For Read more
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Four Signs It’s Time For Termite Treatments For Your Home

In Texas and the other lower 49 states (including Hawaii), termites and effective termite treatments should be the top priority for homeowners.  If you’ve never given a passing thought to termites and what they might be doing to your North Texas home, you’re not alone because, unlike wasps, cockroaches and other pests, termites do their destructive work quietly and under the radar.  That makes it easy for homeowners like you to ignore what could be happening right under your nose.  The best thing you can do to ensure that your home is protected from termites is not to wait to Read more
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Why You Need Professional Help To Remove Termites From Your Home

There are many pests that are a serious nuisance to North Texans.  Fire ants, wasps, fleas, cockroaches and more make most of the year interesting for homeowners; but the worst pest by far for anyone who lives in a structure made wholly, or in part, of wood is the termite.  Why are termites so bad?  Because not only do they do billions of dollars in damage to homes and businesses every year, getting rid of them isn’t a simple, weekend DIY project.  To remove termites, you need professional help. Why Termites Are So Relentless As with most bugs that bug Read more
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What Homeowners Need To Know About Termite Detection And Treatment

Termite detection, prevention and treatment are something every homeowner in North Texas must think about because termites are an ever-present threat to any kind of structure that contains wood or cellulose.  In fact, termites are a problem in every state of the United States with the exception of Alaska.  Even if you don’t suspect you have a termite problem that needs treatment, you likely will at some point in the life of your home.  That’s why it’s important to know a little bit about this voracious enemy. Termites Really Are A Big Problem The many species of termites are ready, Read more
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Winter Tips To Reduce your Risk of Needing Termite Treatments

You most likely maintain your home through the warmer seasons to prevent pests, but the proper precaution to prevent infestations and termite treatments is also necessary for the winter season. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not place emphasis on home maintenance in the cooler season, which can become costly. Here are a few tips to prevent termites and other pests from entering your home in the winter season. Remove Wood Piles Many people heat their home with real wood through a wood-burning furnace or a fireplace. During the winter, you may have piles of firewood around your home for easy access. While Read more
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A Couple Ideas on How You can Help Remove Termites in Frisco, TX

As a homeowner, you already know that termites can cause a lot of damage. The amount of money that termites can cost can be in the thousands in repair bills to the structure of your home. There are a couple ways that you can help remove them. Let the sun shine on the affected area, because the sun can kill termites. Remove wooden mulch from the side of your home. While mulch is fine for other areas of your landscape, keep it from touching your home. This can give termites a pathway into your home. Do what you can to get remove termites in Frisco, TX, then call the experts at Bug Read more